ARANYANI brings a unique forest-inspired experience to the discerning world class consumer. Each ARANYANI product is inspired by nature which embodies queen-deserving attributes through a blend of carefully preserved heritage and a vibrant fashion relevance. ARANYANI takes pride in it's creation of a distinctively refined art de vivre, which in other words may be called, a bag.

We believe in creating high quality sustainable product that connects man to nature through its stories and design. At ARANYANI we believe that Nature is the best designer and if we, being a part of that same nature that we truly are, can re-connect and make it as personal as it should be, this world that is given to us will be a much more beautiful and peaceful place to live in. We believe in taking this message to all the people that can help to make that difference and in as many innovative ways as possible.

Our Collection

The AW'17 Collection draws inspiration from the trails of the Himalayan ranges - From Nepal to Ladakh. Resonating a myriad of colors, textures and moodsfrom the flowers of RHODODENDRON and POPPY, in search of the HIMALAYAN SNOW LEOPARD and MUSK DEER right into the Land of the Gompas with the Ibex, this sprightly collection resonates our desire to communicate the beauty of our nature to all men.