ARANYANI brings a unique forest-inspired experience to the discerning world class consumer. Each ARANYANI product is inspired by nature which embodies queen-deserving attributes through a blend of carefully preserved heritage and a vibrant fashion relevance. ARANYANI takes pride in it’s creation of a distinctively refined art de vivre, which in other words may be called, a bag.

Finding Your Roots

The story draws inspiration from the land of the Kodavas, Coorg. In this collection, we look at Coorg from the perspective of how Princess Victoria Gowramma would have looked at this region who was practically snatched from her roots at birth due to her father’s unfortunate circumstances. Finding Your Roots pushes us all to stay grounded and attuned to the environment we live in. In Finding Your Roots, we represent elements of Nature that we see in all its royal colors and forms which is beautifully hand painted and crafted which is revolved around the following themes: Unearthed Ecstasy, Mystic Union and Symphony of the Rain. This collection is our tribute to the land and the people of the Highlands of India – Coorg.


Love, Peace and Happiness Collections